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About iFunCity

Online shopping and drop ship source featuring thousands of high quality products ranging from consumer electronics, components, and video game accessories to apparel and accessories, healthcare products, pet supplies, and collectible items. Our drop ship system is revolutionary, allowing customers to select the products they want to carry at prices they designate while we fulfill all shipping and inventory needs. We have served customers from over 60 countries worldwide since 2007, and because of our vast purchasing power, we can offer you wholesale prices that our competitors can't match and quality products from many countries around the world! We offer free shipping to all US addresses and are proud to say that we're one of the fastest growing online shopping and drop ship sources out there, expanding our product line and cutting prices further daily! 

Our staff members here at iFunCity know how important it is for our customers to have access to anything they want at uniformly low prices. That's why we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and no hassle return policy. Customers will find that iFunCity is truely dedicated to improving the shopping experience. Secure checkouts and fast order processing ensures smooth purchases. Our programmers are also hard at work improving our drop ship platform every day, making our drop ship service easy! Just select any number of items you want from our vast product line, and host it on your own website! Its that easy! Immediately after you sign up for our drop ship service you will be given access to our datafeed. After you make a drop ship account with us, you are officially our drop ship partner! When the orders start rolling in, all you have to do is specify the order information and post it to our datafeed. Posting order information is easy, all you have to do is plug the order and address of a customer into our premade drop shipping platform, and we will ship the items directly to your customers, making sure that you get the credit for the products - the items we ship won't have the name iFunCity stamped anywhere. If any rare problem arises, we will gladly handle customer complaints and issues. 

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